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Climate Change Still Seen as the Top Global Threat, but Cyberattacks a Rising Concern

In a 26-nation survey conducted in the spring of 2018, global warming is just one of many concerns
Pew Research Center

New Bill From Elizabeth Warren Proposes Potential Jail Time for CEOs Over Massive Consumer Data Breaches

Warren’s proposal comes at a time of heated public debate over the perception that big corporations haven’t been held accountable for major breaches of consumers’ privacy and personal data.

Fake news can cause 'irreversible damage' to companies — and sink their stock price

Companies are hiring third-party firms to trawl social media to make sure fake news won’t dent their share price.
NBC News

Congress introduces bill to improve 'internet of things' security

The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act wants to make sure the federal government isn't buying devices that can be easily hacked.

Study: Active Shooters Ranked as Top Organizational Threat, but Majority Lacking Necessary Safety Measures

The findings portray a corporate environment with heightened security awareness, which has not, however, translated into tangible preparedness efforts for the majority of organizations.

Don't Buy A Breach: Ten Cybersecurity Red Flags To Look For During M&A Due Diligence

The Marriott security breach is a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) object lesson and highlights the crucial role cybersecurity validation and audits must play during the due-diligence phase.

Georgetown launches think tank on security and emerging technology

One issue the center will study, Matheny said, is the extent to which the nation’s artificial intelligence workforce depends on foreign citizens and how immigration policy affects that workforce. Another: How can companies, universities and governments protect information from theft and misuse?
The Washington Post

Facebook uses its apps to track users it thinks could threaten employees and offices

An exploration of the tension between OSHA requirements to maintain a safe and secure workplace and Facebook using its own product to mine data for threats and locations of potentially dangerous individuals.

Businesses Fail To Manage Risk Despite Preparing For ‘Major Crisis’

Corporates aren’t prepared to tackle the headwinds of market risks, according to two separate reports.

The Human Factor in Social Media Risk

Experts agree: The greatest cybersecurity risk modern businesses currently face comes from people — not from a lack of firewalls or security policies.

What PG&E And 2018's Fires Can Teach Investors And Business Owners About Climate Risk And Resiliency

Our access to electricity and to clean water is increasingly tenuous in an era of compounded vulnerability due to climate change. So if you’re an investor or a business that relies on access to electricity and clean water, you are now on notice that you are at risk.

Don't Ignore These 10 Global Business Risks In 2019

From coordinated cyberattacks on national critical infrastructure to a supply chain disruption of telecommunications components to an increase in terrorist activities on civilian targets, the number of potential disaster scenarios continues to grow in number and complexity

How The FaceTime Bug Puts Business At Risk (And What To Do About It)

Is the FaceTime bug a threat to business? Maybe. Could it be an opportunity to show leadership and foster trust? Yes.

The Secret to Leading Organizational Change Is Empathy

How information is communicated to employees during a change matters more than what information is communicated.
Harvard Business Review

Humans Are the Best Security Backup

When the grid goes down, old-fashioned skills save lives.
Foreign Policy

Government Shutdown Impacts Enterprise Security

While federal government shutdown has had an immediate effect on the hundreds of thousands of employees and contractors either furloughed or forced to work without pay, IT security teams outside of the government could potentially be affected as necessary public services become unavailable.

76% of UK manufactures see Brexit border delays as business risk

The potential threat of Brexit for UK manufacturers in 2019 is producing a more pessimistic outlook for growth prospects in the coming year. This is according to a major survey released by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation and the global insurer AIG.
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