SEC's Next Generation Security Leader Event Geared for the Evolution of Security

February 8, 2016, Boston, MA--Are you a security practitioner or a business person? This is a question The Security Executive Council (SEC) puts forward and argues the answer is both. Security leaders are challenged in ways that were unimagined in previous years. They have more risks to identify and must address new risks brought on by shifts in business operations and values. This has to be done faster and with fewer resources than before. In order to do this they must be able to match their strategy to business strategy and be able to discuss issues at a Board level.

SEC research revealed at there was a need to develop a venue where security practitioners had the opportunity to interact with proven leaders and apply strategic best practices to real world issues successfully. Bob Hayes, Managing Director for the SEC points out, "In today's world, those in charge of corporate security need to do more than manage – they need to lead the program."

The SEC’s Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL) program examines leadership-level topics. Previous sessions have covered topics such as:

• Aligning Board Level Risk and Business Unit Mitigation Strategy
• Communicating All-hazards Risk, Mitigation, and Performance Metrics
• Adding Business Value with Mission Assurance and P&L Performance
• Conducting Assignment, Contract, Hire, Incident and Transaction Diligence
• Transferring Risk Awareness Mitigation Competence
• Building Strategic Brand Alliances and Community
• Identifying, Developing and Retaining Talent

While NGSL is often conducted virtually, it also offers events hosted at a security practitioner's organization to facilitate face-to-face exchanges. This event is interactive in nature and led by leading CSO practitioners. "The collective knowledge of those participating in the event guarantee the content will include the most valuable and leading-edge information on all-hazards security," stated Francis D'Addario, SEC Faculty and former CSO, Starbucks Coffee.

"At the end of the day all security leaders should think of themselves as a business person," said Kathleen Kotwica, EVP and Chief Knowledge Strategist, SEC. "After all, don’t we need to be constantly selling our services and programs to show the value to the organization?" The SEC believes to do this the security function must understand its customers and what they value, know its own capacity, have a solid "marketing plan" (executive influence communication program), and validate their offerings with a security measures and metrics program.

The next NGSL gathering will be held on February 29, 2016 at Delta Air Lines Headquarters in Atlanta. The conversations during this session will be focused on security frameworks and operational excellence; attracting, developing and retaining talent teams; developing an operations integrity management system; and emerging tools for insider threat. For more information about the Next Generation Security Leader event occurring February 29, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, please see here.

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