What Would Add the Most Value to Your Security Program?

March 5, 2020 – If you could choose three things that would enhance your security program, which three would you choose?

The Security Executive Council is looking for security practitioners to answer this genie-in-a-bottle question. Would you snap your fingers and suddenly have in hand the best security metrics, or a standing invitation to present to senior management, or better compensation for you and your staff?

“Our community appreciates our Security Barometer quick polls because they provide a snapshot of what a large group of their peers is doing or what challenges they face," says Kathleen Kotwica, the SEC's EVP and Chief Knowledge Strategist. "While it’s not as in-depth as a one-on-one conversation, it’s a chance to compare peers’ situations to their own.

"It’s also a way to get ideas on a topic. In this poll, for instance, it could be helpful for practitioners to see which elements others believe would best add value to the security leader and department.”

Participation takes only a few clicks, and no personal information is shared or sold. Those who complete the quick poll are immediately provided with a snapshot of peer responses.

Click here to take this Security Barometer quick poll.

About the Security Executive Council
The Security Executive Council is the leading research and advisory firm focused on corporate security risk mitigation strategies and plans. We work with security leaders to transform security programs into more capable and valued centers of excellence. Watch our 3-minute video for a quick overview or visit us at www.securityexecutivecouncil.com.

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