Solutions Overview

Our corporate security solutions are researched-based and proven best practices. The SEC provides innovative security strategies with specific steps to achieve goals for its clients. We have created the Security Success Universeâ„¢ as a result of our 18+ years of interactions with our security leader clients. Download the image to compare your security program. Contact us if you want assistance to close any gaps.

Success Universe
Download the Security Success Universe image.

Download a sample of the assessment results chart.

Successful Security Leaders and Programs

There are several ways you can engage the SEC. We can assist with enhancing specific corporate security programs and services, fine tune operations, advise on leadership issues, and identify vendor innovations. From large consulting projects to our Tier 1 Security Leader offering, we can help you move the security department to a new level.

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Security Programs

Event Security, Executive Protection, GSOC, Insider Threat, Intelligence and Analysis, Investigations, Risk Management, Travel, Uniform Security, Workplace Violence and more.
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Operations & Leadership

Business Alignment, Demonstrating Value, Executive Communication and Influence, Metrics, Optimized Operations, Organizational Structure, Risk Identification, Strategic Planning and more.
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Tier 1 Security Leader

Are you a security executive looking for a holistic way to produce strategic corporate security programs and drive change in your organization? The Tier 1 Leader annual agreement was formed for security practitioners that want a different kind of advisory engagement. These leaders are interested in being involved at an industry-changing level.
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Vendor Innovations

The SIP program is a diligence process that provides corporate security leaders a degree of confidence when choosing security products and service providers.
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