Knowledge Sharing

Research is not only data collection and analysis through quantitative methodologies. Coming together and sharing experiences results in identifiable trends. Listed are examples of offerings in this realm.

Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL)™

This Security Executive Council Next Generation Leader program was developed to arm security practitioners and other risk mitigation managers with the business leadership acumen necessary to propel them and their organizations to the next level of strategic performance. The NGSL Program is the only one that connects best practices from risk theory and business processes through application and value contribution.

This program has been successfully delivered with culturally relevant guidance to Next Generation Security Leaders across the globe. Certificates of completion with recommended continuing education credit guidance are offered. Sessions can be in-person or online. Read FAQs about the program.

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Next Generation GSOC Group

This is for those who are planning to benchmark, launch or repurpose a security operations center (SOC) or global security operations center (GSOC). This group will enable you to compare your people, process, technology operations or services to other organizations.

This group is a trusted, peer-based network for sharing ideas, needs, challenges and opportunities for operational excellence. Members can compare GSOC activities, internal awareness, knowledge, and technology. There is also an annual peer benchmark that includes budgets, challenges, metrics, services provided, and staffing models. Read Defining Best Practices in Global Security Operations Centers - Initial Output from the SEC GSOC Best Practices Working Group

Information about the Next Generation Security Leader GSOC Course - Streaming Version.

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Security State of the Industry

This quarterly briefing for our Tier 1 clients covers up-and-coming issues, new ways to approach risk mitigation, and security program innovation and proven practices. Read this public summary of a recent Security State of the Industry: How Proactive Investigations Can Boost the Bottom Line