How You Can Use Benchmark Data to Improve Your Situation

The Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI) has opened the Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing 2023 survey for participation.

We talk to a lot of security leaders who are seeking to change some less-than-optimal situations. The SEC's client community often comes to us with issues such as:

  • My title does not reflect my efforts.
  • I would be able to have more influence for the security program if my title was at a higher level.
  • I'm not reporting into the right function.
  • I'm not reporting to the right person.
  • I don't have responsibility for X program.
  • We don't have X program.
  • Our security budget is too small to have an effective program.
  • I don't have enough staff to have an effective program.
  • Senior management wants information about the security organization, and it needs to be objective.
  • What are the programs most security functions have responsibility for?

The SEC's Security Leadership Research Institute conducts research that can provide you the data to make your case in any one of these situations. Our Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing research started in 2011. Hundreds of security leaders have taken the online survey and have used the resulting data to their advantage.

View a few highlights from a previous report.

Interested? Complete this short form to request to participate in the survey and get access to the research results when compiled. Security budget information is required to participate. Please consider forwarding information about this survey to the person(s) who have access to budget information. Only those that participate receive the full results report.

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