Physical Security Strategy and Process Playbook

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The Physical Security Strategy and Process Playbook concisely and comprehensively lays out the requirements of physical security management as a critical part of sound business management.

The book includes an explanation of basic physical security concepts; a description of the probable security risks for more than 40 functional areas in business; security performance guidelines along with a variety of supporting mitigation strategies; performance specifications for each of the recommended mitigation strategies; guidance on selecting, implementing, and evaluating a security system; and lists of available physical security resources.

You will find this playbook useful as you develop the functional requirements of a security system that meets your goals and fits within your business operations. These functional requirements are essential for receiving assistance from management, engineering, and finance. In addition, this playbook is a handy reference when you are planning for future changes.

Ways to use this resource:

  • As a process reference for creating a physical security program
  • As a primer for non-security personnel with a new security-related job responsibility
  • To help a new security manager quickly define security requirements
  • To help research solutions
  • To help develop a request for engineering assistance and budget
  • As a program gap analysis
  • As a progress review or to assess the maturity of an existing program
  • To help determine whether programs are adequately documented

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