Influencing Enterprise Risk Mitigation

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Threats come from all angles, in many forms, and sometimes all at once. Having a strategic perspective on comprehensive risk mitigation is paramount. In Influencing Enterprise Risk Mitigation, Francis J. D’Addario lays the groundwork for looking at risk comprehensively, always while keeping people – our most important asset – safe and informed.

The book discusses the geography of risk, how to make security a priority for the business, and how to use data to quantify the benefits of all-hazards (comprehensive) risk mitigation and learn from mistakes.

Ways to use this resource:

  • Inform a comprehensive risk strategy
  • Help prioritize risk across the enterprise
  • Better understand the geography of risk and implications on your supply chain
  • Help remap risk to your organization after an incident or event
  • Convince management to look at a wider range of risk by learning how to talk about these issues in a strategic voice that executives will understand and value

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