Workplace Security Playbook: The New Manager’s Guide to Security Risk

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When an employee without a security background is charged with the protection of people, facilities, or assets, he or she may have a hard time finding resources to help them develop policies and procedures and make solid protection decisions.

The Workplace Security Playbook is designed to act as a reference for non-security professionals in this situation, with chapters categorized by issue easy use. The playbook focuses on performance guidelines rather than prescriptive standards, so it can be easily adapted to the needs of any given organization.

In addition to security performance guidelines, topics include the elements of a facility security program, how to conduct security surveys and validation testing, steps for performing workplace investigations and inspections, and procedures for emergency and special security situations. An entire chapter is dedicated to describing the resources available to a new security manager, and another provides an outline for building a customized reference source of local security information.

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