The Business Response to Misconduct Allegations

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Investigations is one of the oldest services Security provides. Many security leaders would confidently say their function can manage investigations well in any situation. But COVID-19 has changed that. Now we all must reimagine how to investigate theft, information loss, conflict of interest, fraud, and sabotage in a primarily remote workforce.

What is more, Security is not the only function doing investigations. Our research shows there are up to 13 functions doing more than 60 types of investigations in companies, often in fragmented and disorganized silos. Security is frequently the only group that has staff who are trained in investigations at all.

This resource can help Security address both the relevant changes in the workplace and the disunity of investigations processes. By returning to the fundamentals of investigation, security leaders can more easily reimagine their programs and identify steps and processes that are required for effective investigation in a COVID-impacted workforce.

The Business Response to Misconduct Allegations can also be provided to other business leaders as a starting point for unified investigations training.

This is a unique and comprehensive resource that will help Security bring all investigations-leading groups together to create a consistent, professional, and adaptive investigations process.

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