Security State of the Industry: Travel Security

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Security State of the Industry: Travel Security is the first of a series of new resources that analyzes the current state of a given program area, examining current trends, specific risk factors, horizon issues, policy and program elements.

The SEC is producing 22 more of these reports, each of which delves into a different security program area. Topics will include Business Continuity and Resilience, SOC/GSOC, Workplace Violence, Insider Threat, Metrics, Investigations, and more. All 23 will be available in full to SEC Tier 1 clients, but we’re releasing an abridged version of this report to our broader security community (available for download at the bottom of this web page).

This report can help you

  • examine current trends in travel security,
  • develop talking points to justify to senior management the creation or enhancement of a travel security program,
  • use the data to support your program proposal,
  • identify key risks, and
  • see how peers are managing travel security and conduct a gap analysis.

This uniquely specific research report is the first step in a new program assessment solution the SEC has created that combines several of its existing processes and tools to answer some of senior management’s most frequently posed questions to Security about program value:

  • Is this program the best it can be and delivering the results that you need? (SEC’s program quality and performance review)
  • How well is this program performing compared to others? (SEC’s peer comparison research)
  • How mature is this program? (SEC’s corporate security maturity assessment)
  • How comprehensive is this program? Are we missing anything? (SEC’s program comprehensiveness review)

This new program review solution addresses all of senior management’s potential concerns through a single process, rather than relying on single-issue reviews or assessments that have to be added as new questions come along.

For information about our comprehensive program reviews or the Security State of the Industry reports, or to set up a call to go over the full Travel Security report, email us:

Special thank you to Jacob Maynard, our intern from Mercyhurst University, who helped us with this report.

You can download the Security State of the Industry: Travel Security report below:
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