Information Protection Playbook

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Whether or not Corporate Security has direct responsibility for Information Security, excellence in risk management and information protection relies upon collaboration and coordination between these related functions. Without shared knowledge on strategy, methods, and threats, coordination will be difficult to achieve.

The Information Protection Playbook provides a high-level overview that can help build corporate security’s understanding of IP. It lays out a framework and tools to create, manage, execute, and maintain an organization’s information protection (IP) program. It begins with a detailed description of the concept and value of information protection, transitioning into a step-by-step guide to building or enhancing an IP program.

Like the playbooks used in team sports, it describes complex processes in a brief, concise format to enable the security professional to use the playbook as a true reference manual for IP. Nearly 70 pages of appendices include sample forms, templates, examples, and checklists.

Ways to use this resource:

  • To quickly gain a high-level understanding of how to implement an IP framework
  • To build an IP program from scratch
  • To facilitate deeper conversation and collaboration with the IS/IP/Cybersecurity function

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