Business Continuity Playbook

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The robustness of a company’s business continuity plan often decides whether it will thrive, survive, or sink.

This Playbook is meant to serve as a framework to help security leaders build a business continuity program from the ground up or enhance the program that is currently in existence. The materials have been compiled using various accredited sources, international standards, and the collective knowledge of the Security Executive Council and its subject matter experts, which represents decades of experience managing business continuity programs.

The Playbook is adaptable to companies of all sizes from all industries, and its appendices include templates, job descriptions, structural diagrams, sample meeting agendas, decision matrices, and more.

Ways to use this resource:

  • To guide the development of a new business continuity program
  • To identify gaps and determine where your existing program may be enhanced
  • To formalize or document a currently informal program
  • To educate management on the direction in which you plan to take your BCP
  • To assist in the hiring process for new BC roles

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