Measuring and Communicating Security's Value

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This book builds on George Campbell’s Measures and Metrics in Corporate Security. While Measures and Metrics guides you through creating a meaningful security metrics program, Measuring and Communicating Security’s Value takes you to the next step: using the metrics you deliver to communicate quantifiable value to the organization.

The book includes metrics, key performance indicators, and key risk indicators that have been used effectively in other companies; a detailed program assessment; and information on where to find data and how to use it to create a compelling visual. It demonstrates how to improve influence and how to measure it, how to measure the impact of incidents, how to use metrics to influence policy, and more.

Ways to use this resource:

  • To broaden the metrics program by discovering new metrics you may not have considered
  • To learn how to effectively present metrics in a meaningful way
  • To assess your existing metrics program for improvement
  • To enhance the influence of your program

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