Is Your GSOC Contributing to Operational Excellence?

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Many organizations have found the global security operations center to be an invaluable tool in identifying and mitigating risks and preparing for, responding to, and recovering from risk events.

The COVID-19 pandemic in particular has found GSOCs on the front line of risk analysis and response, which may set it up for favorable attention and investment from the C-suite for the near future.

When the dust begins to settle, consider conducting a brief self-assessment of your GSOC's operational capabilities and KPIs. Periodic assessment is always worthwhile in that it helps identify gaps and opportunities, and in this case it can also help prepare you for a conversation about your GSOC's needs and capabilities with executive management.

Make special note of the second column in this assessment: Defined Performance Measures. Metrics and key performance indicators are frequently overlooked yet critical tools in process and service improvement. They can also help make the case for investment.

GSOC Best Practices Self Assessment
GSOC Operational Capabilities Defined Performance Measures Are In Place
(Yes /Partial /No)
Current % Estimate & Date of Full Operational Capability (FOC)
1 Makes a measurable contribution to excellence in duty of care and customer calls for service
2 Makes a measurable contribution to timely situational awareness for key stakeholders
3 Delivers enhanced information integration and reliability with predictive and proactive threat intelligence
4 Proactively communicates reliable advice, warnings and alerts to risk
5 Enables timely and qualitative first response by dispatched staff
6 Qualified managers, supervisors, and staff are in place and working effectively as an integrated team
7 All required technology to enable full operational capability is in place and operating at specified levels of reliability
8 All requisite operational protocols are in place, tested, and measurably effective
9 Measurably enables risk event identification, escalation, response and recovery

Other Resources
The Security Executive Council's Next Generation GSOC Group is a trusted, peer-based network a for sharing ideas, needs, challenges and opportunities for GSOC operational excellence. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact us:

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