Discovering the Total Cost of Security (Parts 1-4)

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Created by the late Richard Lefler, former vice president for worldwide security at American Express and SEC emeritus faculty

Through the SEC's extensive consulting experiences with large global companies it is apparent that there is no single source of information by which to understand how much a company spends on security mitigation every year.

We all recognize that the security profession, unlike finance and legal, lacks a framework with which to understand professional security costs, and without this measurement security can't accurately illustrate its contribution to the business' bottom line.

In this series of short presentations, the late Dick Lefler, SEC emeritus faculty, will discuss what security actually costs a company, and that goes beyond just what is shown in security's budget.

There are four parts in this playlist:

  1. Barriers to Defining Total Cost in the Enterprise
  2. Operating Cost and Variable Cost
  3. How Management Views Risk and Cost
  4. Mandatory Spend and Cost Ownership

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