From One Winning Career to the Next: Transitioning Public Sector Leadership and Security Expertise to the Business Bottom Line

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The federal government’s relatively low minimum retirement age is an invitation to many public-sector security professionals to move into the corporate world after leaving government service. These professionals, and others who change careers before retirement age, often find themselves in unfamiliar territory once they make the jump because they aren’t accustomed to tailoring security to the financial and operational needs of a business.

From One Winning Career to the Next is designed to help these security practitioners become business-focused security leaders. Author J. David Quilter shares his own experience transitioning from a long public career to senior security executive at four Fortune 500 corporations.

The book focuses on security practitioners transitioning from government to private industry positions, but its contents will be helpful to security practitioners moving into new sectors or industries, for those who want to improve their contribution to the business, and for those who are looking to hire a competent and reliable security team.

Ways to use this resource:

  • To help you decide whether private-sector security is a fit for you.
  • To prepare for the transition from one type of organization to another.
  • To understand the steps of learning a new business and making meaningful partnerships.
  • To find new ways to contribute to business value.
  • To navigate organizational changes and conflicts.
  • To learn how to hire a successful core security team.
  • To share with new hires from the public sector.

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