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Five Essential Considerations for Establishing a Valued Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)

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1. Communicate the Value Story:

  • Align mission and vision with culture
  • Leadership and strategic plan

2. Make the Compelling Business Case:

  • Improved Duty of Care compliance
  • Optimized people/asset/revenue risk mitigation
  • One single risk operating picture for situational threat awareness and
  • critical incident management

3. Internal/External Peer Comparison:

chart listing suggestions for peer comparison: concept of operations, integrity and interoperability, location requirements, proven practices, services and value metrics, staffing model, technologies and dependencies

4. Service Performance and Value Metrics:

chart listing suggestions for metrics: actionable alarms, alerts or warnings per n protectee, average emergency dispatch/response in minutes, operations amended as result of actionable and timely threat

picture of keyboard and paper showing charts

5. Qualitative/Quantitative Return on Investment

  • Claims and outcome cost
  • Continuity recovery speed
  • Optimized service cost
  • Total cost of security

  • Compliance
  • Critical incident avoidance/management confidence
  • Threat detection nimbleness

Next Steps:

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