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Frequently Asked Questions for Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL) Event

What is a Next Generation Leader Event?

Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL) Events are peer-reviewed, research-based sessions that recognize evolving global hazards that require collaborative and cross-functional security risk mitigation management.

NGSL leverages the SEC's Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI) findings, studies and surveys; input from the Darla Moore International School of Business, Risk and Uncertainty Management Center; Kennesaw State, Coles College of Business; The Department of Justice, Michigan State University; and successful practitioners. The SEC's Collective Knowledge™ approach relevantly informs and prepares current and future leaders to be organizationally relevant and valuable for meeting rising global risk, regulatory and value performance expectations in their organizations.

Who Should Attend and Why?

Current and emerging risk mitigation practice leaders and their teams and cross-functional solution providers.

Why Attend?

  1. Gain insight to successful approaches for brand protection and resilience
  2. Engage with proven practice leaders who have demonstrated capability and value to executive and client stakeholders
  3. Expand confidence for aligning brand risks, threats and vulnerabilities with ROI-capable opportunities and all-hazard risk mitigation solutions
  4. Differentiate products, processes and services for better outcomes
  5. Learn and share innovation and optimization for value contribution
  6. Spend a day with critical colleagues, clients, peers, staff and thought leaders to understand current, imminent and long term future strategic needs to meet and exceed leadership expectations

What Former Participants Say the NGSL Event Provides:

  • Align organization risk priorities with management
  • Build leadership and organizational feedback and confidence for your risk mitigation story
  • Demonstrate return-on-investment
  • Develop, engage and retain diverse talent
  • Facilitate strategic leadership conversations
  • Influence innovation investment, trial, proof points and program proliferation
  • Intelligently prioritize governance and regulatory compliance
  • Provide insight with Security State of the Industry™ concepts and case studies for improved risk outcomes

Questions for Leaders Who Want to Attend

  • Are you or your team sufficiently resourced to develop or influence all-hazards brand risk mitigation (proven safety and security practices) to attract, develop and retain talent and client brand loyalty?
  • Is your team sufficiently capable to align Board Level risk, governance and regulatory expectations for near term/long term strategic planning and resilience needs?
  • Do you have the skills and knowledge across your team to stand up persuasive business cases to an executive audience?
  • Is your story and delivery of incremental net results worthy of additional assignments, investments, promotion and remuneration?

Are Certificates or Continuing Education Credits Available?

  • Yes, once you complete the post event survey
  • ASIS - CPE and CPP and other continuing education requirements are viable
  • The Security Executive Council offers guidance for 9 continuing education units, 6 classroom hours, management professional development, and 3 hours of related reading.

Sample Event Agenda Topics:

  • Aligning Board-level Risk and Mitigation Strategies
  • Trends and Requirements for Next Generation Executives and Services Leveraging
  • Operational Excellence from Security Operations Centers
  • Achieving All-hazard Preparedness for Resilience
  • Planning and Achieving Security’s Full Potential Value
  • Influencing Organizational Confidence, Brand Value and Loyalty
  • Managing Extreme Board-Level Risks
  • Communicating All-hazards Risk, Mitigation, and Performance Metrics
  • Adding Incremental Value with Mission Assurance and P&L Performance
  • Managing Information Protection, Breaches and Situational Intelligence
  • Assessing Trends and Requirements for Next Generation Executives & Service Organizations
  • Leveraging Operational Excellence from Security Ops Centers
  • Compounding Security Value beyond Traditional Mission Performance

View interviews from a previous NGSL forum to learn more about what kind of issues are covered.

Recommended Pre-Event Reading:


For additional information please contact:
Dean Correia, Emeritus Faculty Lead, Canada or Francis D’Addario, Emeritus Faculty Lead, Strategic Innovation at contact@secleader.com

Evolving Next Generation Leaders (History)

  • 2001–2009 The SEC recognized leadership gaps and all-hazards risk mitigation opportunities following the Decade of Disappointment (9/11, Boxing Day Tsunami, Katrina, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Global Economic Meltdown).
  • 2010 was not business as usual. There was not a moment to lose – Security has few seats at the leadership table, it remains jargonized, largely undifferentiated with relatively little value perception, or stakeholder confidence.
  • Investment post 9/11 SEC evolved a compensating proven practice based on 2020 Strategy to regain confidence.
  • 2011-The notion of rebuilding security brands with Next generation Security Leader became a strategic ongoing SEC Collective Knowledge™ discussion amongst an SEC convened leadership focus group. Proliferating Board Level Risk as the language of business, identifying cross-functional NGSL talent, promoting data-centric proven practices and service/technology solutions for measured success (read metrics) became our curriculum objective, leveraging SLRI research and Tier 1 leaders.
  • By 2012 the SEC teamed with the Darla Moore International School of Business and Michigan State University for inaugural virtual global sessions featuring current and former CSOs of American Express, Boeing, Capital One, Dell, Delta Airlines, Fidelity Investments, Ford, Microsoft and Target to cover Board Level Risk, Unified Risk Oversight, Communicating All-hazards Risk and Performance Metrics, Running Security as a Business, Critical Incident Management, Adding Value with Mission Assurance and Managing Information Protection, Breaches and Situational Intelligence. One hundred eighty-five Next Generation Security Leaders participated in the 6 month program from 26 countries with strong reviews.
  • In 2013 the SEC accepted an invitation to anchor The Great Conversation in Security with Sage Group and ASG. Operations Excellence research has included Next Generation GSOC, Organizational and Technology Roadmaps to the Future, CSO Strategies and Dashboards.
  • Valued relevance remained key with annual Forces of Change and State of the Industry reporting in 2014; culminating with Security influenced Cross-functional All Hazards Risk Advisory Boards reporting to leadership with evolving risk mitigation confidence.
  • 2015 will mark 1,000 leaders' participation in continuously improving NGSL programming. Executive Communications (story boards) and operationalizing Unified Risk Oversight™ for net brand contributions will remain thematic as we prepare for Next Generation Leader events around the globe in 2016. Learn more: contact@secleader.com

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