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The Roadmap for Security Leadership Success

This thought leader paper is the result of ten years worth of working with security practitioners. Over time certain trends become apparent; in this case what leads to industry recognized leadership success. Our research identified 10 common practices that highly accomplished security leaders exhibit. Listen below for tips on executing the 10 practices.

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Listen to former CSO's brief discussions on aspects of the 10 roadmap practices:

Practice #1 - Have the right tools/assets/people in place

Practice # 2 - Build the right relationships – internally and externally

Practice # 3 - Foster an environment of sharing and create useable ways of documenting what is learned (coming soon)

Practice # 4 - Be a lifetime learner and continually push programs to the next level (coming soon)

Practice #5 - Focus on leadership issues

Practice # 6 - Discuss risks and mitigation strategies in terms the Board understands (coming soon)

Practice # 7 - Run security as a business

Practice # 8 - Take care of staff and help them grow

Practice #9 - Recognize your organization is different from any other

Practice # 10 - Prepare for future trends (coming soon)

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