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Where do you go for information about your day-to-day operational needs?

Created by the Security Executive Council

We frequently must make decisions without having all the information we would like to have to know which alternatives are the best. Sometimes we just have to go on instinct. In other cases it makes sense to spend the time to reach out and gather more information before making a decision.

In this Security Executive Council Security Barometer we wanted to get more information about where risk management practitioners most often go to gather the data they need for optimal performance of their day-to-day operations.

Results indicate 42% turn to peers for information

Peers are a great source of information. They likely are or have faced the same or similar situations you are facing. They are trustworthy. They are knowledgeable. These characteristics also describe the faculty at the Security Executive Council. Wouldn't you like to have experienced practitioners available when you need them? The fact that the Security Executive Council has a cadre of successful experienced risk management executives at your disposal is what sets us apart from all other resources. If you are looking for a reliable source of information to help you excel in your role as a risk management executive contact us: contact@secleader.com

Examples of the type of information being sought

We asked the respondents to provide examples of the types of information they might seek from these sources and here are some of the responses they provided:
  • Current trends in the industry
  • What other organizations are focused on
  • How others are responding to various threats
  • Sharing information to help prevent similar incidents at other locations
  • Guidance
  • Assessments of current state
  • Situational awareness of current incidents
  • How others are responding to regulations
  • Presentation information
  • Metrics and benchmarks
  • Best practices

This list reads like a play book of what the Security Executive Council provides a Tier 1 Security Leaderâ„¢. Most practitioners that engage the Council feel they have a solid security program but wonder, "is there more we could be doing?" Consider making the Council a part of your organizational chart; our faculty and resources can help you achieve your goals.

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Watch our 3-minute video to learn about how the SEC works with security leaders. Contact us at: contact @secleader.com.

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