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Find It For Me!™

The Security Executive Council (SEC), a research and advisory firm that specializes in risk mitigation, has built the fastest growing repository of information, resources and tools to help you manage risk. You can browse some of our resources in the Knowledge Corner, or we can help you locate what you’re looking for.

The assistance is free – so just ask. Fill out the Find It For Me! form.

Sample of Questions We Have Helped Answer:

"I am looking for templates of global security plans for international companies."

"Recently had several computer CPUs stolen from several cubicles... Cubicles are unsecured. Doing a number of things to investigate and mitigate future [issues] but wondering if you have seen any technology that could be attached to CPUs covertly to track devices."

"Looking for information related to I.D. badge management and levels of provisioning and distribution in a corporate campus environment."

"The elements and interdependencies to consider when building a comprehensive risk-based security organization."

"I am looking for some information on workplace violence training - awareness, prevention, response and how to manage this program at a global level, especially the training (how to train and what to train on) part."

Why Does the SEC Offer Find it For Me (FIFM)?

Repeatable Processes
Having collaborated with security practitioners one-on-one for over 10 years we have seen the same issues being solved over and over because of a lack of broad channels for sharing. FIFM allows practitioners to draw from a well and learn from others to stop "reinventing the wheel."

Collective Knowledge™
Most of the tools, guidelines or solutions the SEC develops are the result of input from many knowledgeable individuals from many experiences. By understanding your issues we broaden the foundation of knowledge of what practitioners are tackling. This in turn helps us in the formation of the next generation of resources and initiatives.

Cross-Sector Learning
The SEC welcomes all industries and sectors; FIFM is used by practitioners from all walks. We learn a lot about what is universal, and what differs, based on where a practitioner "sits" and the questions asked.

The Future of the Security Industry
One of the SEC's missions is to bring the industry to together for a better vision of what we can be and our influence on the organizations we serve (see this brief slideshow for more). FIFM is just one of the ways we can connect to the security practitioner population beyond those we are working with.

Who Can Submit a Find it For Me! Inquiry?

Current practitioners from all industries, sectors and titles may submit questions to FIFM. Vendors also but we may refer you to our Solution Innovation Partners initiative. We try to answer all inquires or refer you somewhere else if it is not a part of our knowledge base. Note: We will try to answer all valid questions but reserve the right of refusal.