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From One Winning Career to the Next, 2nd Edition

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From One Winning Career to the Next, 2nd Edition


J. David Quilter’s book, From One Winning Career to the Next, is a must read for anyone starting a career in Security Management or wishing to improve their effectiveness as a security leader in a business environment. David’s interesting story is one of a Federal Agent who makes the transition from working for the Government to working for a large company, and how his Law Enforcement career prepared him for that transition. But the book would be useful for anyone attempting to grasp the skills and traits that are necessary in order to be taken seriously as a security practitioner attempting to add value to any organization in today’s ever changing business environment. I came across the book when I was attempting to make the transition from a career in local law enforcement to a career in corporate security and I found it to be invaluable. In addition to reading it several times and making notes and highlights, I posted the list of 12 skills that David lists as essential to a successful career in security management, at my desk. I focused my training, education and individual reading efforts on these areas because they really made sense. Now that I am the CSO for one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, I can tell you that this exercise, and David’s book, have been essential to my success. Thank you David!

Terry Blevins
Senior Director of Corporate Security, CSO
Yamana Gold
Date Added: 04/22/2014 by Terry Blevins
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