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Global Brand Integrity Management

Global Brand Integrity Management


Does your management strategy protect your brand?

Who will be the new global business leaders? Those who understand that managing brand and product integrity is crucial to long-term market and financial success.

Global Brand Integrity Management presents a blueprint for protecting the core revenue-related assets of your company-brand, product, and information-in the global marketplace. Authors Richard Post and Penelope Post explain why and how to implement a brand/product integrity program, translating security practice into management principles that lower risk, ensure authenticity of products, enhance brand awareness and loyalty, and, ultimately, increase profitability and shareholder value.

Among the tools for developing and maintaining your program:

  • Questions CEOs should ask their executives about product integrity
  • Methods for capturing the attention of employees and measuring their performance
  • Risk profiles for key assets developed at each stage of a product's life cycle
  • Best practices for cost-effective, day-to-day management of a brand or product
  • International case studies that illustrate specific problems and the implementation measures taken to protect the brand or product

308 Pages

  • Model: MH001-GBIM12

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