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Crisis Management at the Speed of the Internet

Crisis Management at the Speed of the Internet


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Communication on the Internet — from Twitter to YouTube, Facebook to MySpace, even email, blogs and instant messaging — is making corporate crisis management more critical than ever, especially as it relates to preserving brand equity. Communication in the Internet era moves more rapidly than ever before, yet the ramifications of quickly moving and hard-to-control information are often not well understood by corporate management. The "viral" nature of the Internet can enable information — both positive and negative — about a company or brand to be rapidly disseminated to huge numbers of recipients within seconds.

This report that sheds light on the rapidly changing nature of threats on the Internet and how companies, with Security’s help, can respond strategically.  Specifically, the report:

  • Seeks to provide understanding of the newer Internet communication tools: How are YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other communication formats different from traditional mass communication media, and what is the possible impact of those differences?
  • Looks at examples of companies that have faced threats to their brands and how they have responded: What can today's risk management practitioners learn from these experiences?
  • Lists some strategies to prepare and help to mitigate the effects when a crisis occurs: Existing ways to responding to a crisis don't necessarily work in the Internet age, but there are ways to counteract and minimize damage.
  • Looks at the broader need for a comprehensive communication and crisis management plan that incorporates the dynamic nature of the Internet: Laying the groundwork now puts you in the best position to respond when something happens.
  • Suggests ways a risk management practitioner can be proactive in communicating risks and possible strategies to senior management and others in the company: Crisis management is, as always, a team sport, and getting buy-in from impacted individuals in the company is a top priority.
  • Provides additional helpful resources: The threats presented here cannot be addressed and forgotten. They require ongoing diligence, and there are resources that can help.

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** Note: This resource is available as a part of the MSU/SEC Business Continuity Working Group.  It is also available at no cost or at a discount to the Council community and strategic alliance partners based upon their level of involvement. Please contact Rob West if you need assistance.

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