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Establishing the Value of All-Hazards Risk Mitigation

Establishing the Value of All-Hazards Risk Mitigation

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A Business Case for "Just-in-Time" and "Return-on-Investment-Capable" All-Hazards Awareness, Preparedness and Protection
by Francis J. D'Addario (formerly with Starbucks).  Click here to view biography of this Tier 1 Security Expert.

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This presentation is a value-added proposition for any leader who will require cross-functional engagement and support to meet the current and evolving risk requirements of their organization.  This is a people-centric, data-qualified, and culturally-relevant approach to enterprise risk mitigation that has served Starbucks Coffee, Hardees Food Systems, Jerrico Inc. and the Southland Corporation. You will learn the art of influencing return-on-investment capable asset protection and many resources may be taken home to be used broadly by a diverse constituency of internal and external clients.


  • Understanding all-hazards risk and mitigation compliance & opportunity in our current environment
  • Prioritizing & Optimizing care of self, family, organization & community
  • Communicating relevantly to multiple audiences
  • Innovating intelligent, ROI-capable interoperable solutions across sectors
  • Collaborating for persuasive performance
  • Answering a call to action for Security of the Future

Intended Audience:

  • Leadership and cross-functional risk mitigation teams


  • The audience will learn that personal and family preparedness is a stepping stone for organizational and community sustainability.

Running Time:  40 minutes

** Note: This resource is available at no cost or at a discount to the Council community and strategic alliance partners based upon their level of involvement. Please contact Rob West if you need assistance.

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