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Briefing Your C-Level Executive

Briefing Your C-Level Executive


Threat Briefing and Practical Examples for How to Deal With Emerging Threats
by Theresa Payton (formerly at the White House).  Click here to view biography of this Tier 1 Security Expert.

This presentation will aid you in building the business case for security and risk investments. The framework reviewed in this presentation has been used at private and public sector organizations. It has successfully helped organizations articulate their value, tie their improvements to real change, and make the business case for the same or increased level of funding.


  • Leveraging this threat picture framework to brief your C-level executives will assist you in raising their awareness. You will get a chance to share some key best practices with them. This sets the groundwork for you to share your spend plan with them.

Intended Audience:

  • CISOs
  • CIOs
  • Chief of Operations
  • CEOs who want to ask their CISOs and CIOs the tough questions


  • Leaders will be able to gain the buy in from C-Level executives for their spend plan.

Running Time:  14 minutes

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** Note: This resource is available at no cost or at a discount to the Council community and strategic alliance partners based upon their level of involvement. Please contact Rob West if you need assistance.

  • Model: SEC350-BCL10
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