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Managing Risks in Business

Managing Risks in Business

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by Jerry Miller (formerly with Chrysler) & Radford Jones (formerly with Ford).  Click here and here to view biographies of these Tier 1 Security Experts.

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Managing Risks in Business is a presentation on how to develop and train an Incident Management Team (IMT) to protect a private sector company during a critical incident.  It is designed for both large and small companies who wish to create a structured approach to preparedness, response, and recovery from a critical incident that may be the result of a natural disaster or a criminal act, including a terrorist attack.  Since a significant number of businesses never recover from a critical incident, this presentation is essential to any company that is interested in protecting itself from that inevitable day when disaster strikes.  This is a tried and proven approach that many business organizations have employed and used successfully.

Issues Addressed:
The presentation addresses the structure, responsibilities, and the activities of an IMT.  Also covered are the components of a critical incident management plan, and the interface between the IMT and the local public sector emergency response agencies.  For the benefit of large organizations, the presentation includes information on the working relationship between the IMT and corporate level crisis management operations.

Intended Audience:
Security managers, risk management leaders, contingency planners, and operations managers.  Senior executives of the company should also be included for their understanding of the benefit of developing critical incident management plans.  In addition, there is value for public sector emergency response managers who may be interested in conducting joint training exercises with Incident Management Teams from their respective communities.

Viewers will leave with a comprehensive understanding of critical incident management, IMT functions, and training requirements in the form of tabletop exercises.

Running Time:  27 minutes

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