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The Real War Against America

The Real War Against America


The Real War Against America reads like a spy thriller, but it is a true story; author Kingstone tells the account of the company he founded, Super Vision International, and its desperate struggle against Chinese counterfeiters who stole and sold its designs, equipment and profits.

Super Vision International was a small company with 90 employees – a "Fortune 50,000" company. This small company, like thousands of others, is the backbone of the supply chain to the Fortune 500. Because this type of company is so important to American business, this is a must read.

When Kingstone learned that the market had been flooded with counterfeit Super Vision products, he started to fight back immediately, protecting the business he started as a 19-year-old Stanford student. With little or no help from the local police, the FBI or the U.S. Department of Justice, he gathered enough evidence to take the criminals to court with the help of private investigators posing as rich Arab sheiks.

In 2002, Super Vision won a $33 million verdict against the intellectual property thieves, although Kingstone has yet to see a dime. As one expert testified in court the defendants wired $28.5 million out of the United States "…using methods consistent with money laundering."

For more than six years Brett Kingstone has fought against criminals that many would have simply let get away with what they had done. Kingstone stood up for himself, his company and his country. "The Real War Against America" is a riveting story and an urgent call to arms for every American to fight against terrorists who do not need bullets or bombs to destroy the American dream.

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