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Table Top Exercises

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Do you have critical incident response plans to cover damaging risks that may impact your business? Severe Weather? Chemical Spill? Product Tampering? Close coordination among all first responders will ensure, to the highest degree possible, that all available resources are effectively deployed. The swift response and recovery from these and other incidents will allow your company to positively impact the protection of your people, assets, and bottom line.

A tabletop exercise is a cost-effective method of providing those responsible the opportunity to build teamwork, improve coordination, and validate the emergency response plan. Our tabletop exercises are designed to provide your team with realistic scenarios involving a specific type of critical incident.

Tabletop Scenarios:

  • A social engineering cyber attack results in a massive loss of client records and a reputational hit
  • Accusation that company product/services caused significant harm
  • Aeroplane crash into your building
  • Anthrax contamination
  • Anti-Capitalist demonstrations with "rent a mob" attacking client offices and subsequent looting and damage
  • Area wide power disruption knocking out electricity supply, telephone, mobile phone etc.
  • Armed individual in building
  • Asbestosis
  • Bomb threat / hoax
  • Broken water pipe or water tank causing localized flood within your building
  • Brush fires
  • Computer virus on the network
  • Concrete cancer
  • Countrywide telecommunication network outage
  • Crime scene
  • Data corruption which affects data at both your main and back data center
  • Denial of access attack on websites and company systems
  • Diesel delivery not available or delayed leading to the failure of you generator
  • Digger cutting power to your datacentre
  • Earthquake
  • Electrical sub-station vandalised and explodes causing long term power loss
  • Exercise impact on the balance of the building not covered by generator
  • External flooding
  • Failure of a high profile product or service
  • Failure of power to a campus
  • Fire
  • Fuel tanker crash outside the offices
  • Gas leak and building evacuated
  • Gas leak and explosion
  • Government travel restrictions during an emergency
  • Hackers inflict serious reputational damage
  • Hazardous waste spill
  • Heavy sandstorm
  • HSE Investigation / accident
  • Ice storms
  • Key supplier total power failure
  • Legionella
  • Local toxic fire
  • Loss breaker to data centre causing loss of power to the data centre
  • Loss of a data network provider through bankruptcy
  • Loss of client data
  • Loss of client data; massive data breach
  • Loss of water pressure due to burst main
  • Loss/death of senior management or critical team member
  • Machine room overheat - Cooling failure
  • Multiple-site bombing in Washington
  • Natural Gas Leak in Building
  • Neighbouring building site explosion
  • Poisonous gas leakage in your plant
  • Police cordon
  • Political party convention in a large city
  • Power cut with UPS and Generator failing to work
  • Protester activity who then pour acid into the (external) Comms provider manhole covers cutting off all voice & data
  • Radiological dispersal - 'dirty bomb' but without a bomb!
  • Regulation changes requiring rapid alteration to current operating procedures
  • Severe storms leading to internal flooding
  • Sniper attacks
  • Stabbing in the reception of the building
  • Strike action affecting neighbouring company and spilling over into your office area
  • Tampering of a product or service
  • Terrorist attack on major fibre hubs
  • Tornado
  • Traffic incident
  • Train derailment with chlorine leak
    "Transport accident affects your office
    a. Train runs of the rails and crashes into your office
    b. Flour tanker over turns on slip road next to office block and fire brigade evacuate the area"
  • Water air conditioning into data centre
  • White powder incident
  • Workplace violence

We can create a tabletop exercise customized for your organization.  Our subject matter experts (former CSOs) will adapt the exercise to your business needs.

Contact us to learn more about our process and pricing.

  • Model: SEC511-TTX13
  • Manufactured by: The Security Executive Council

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