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Foushée Study of Compensation Practices for Security Positions

Foushée Study of Compensation Practices for Security Positions

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Foushée Comprehensive Study of Compensation Practices for Security & Compliance Positions

The Foushée Group, a strategic alliance partner of the Security Executive Council, invites you to participate in their Annual Security & Compliance Compensation Survey. This is the most widely recognized survey of compensation practices for the security and compliance functions. Participants have benefited from participating in the survey annually by incorporating the survey results into their compensation planning, maintaining their ability to attract and retain top talent.

As companies continue to look for ways to reduce expenses, senior security and compliance managers will be challenged to justify compensation levels for themselves and their employees. If they can’t, their departments will be left vulnerable to budget cuts that could damage their workforce and quality prospects for new hires. But it is difficult to justify salaries without reliable and accurate market information on compensation trends in the field. The annual Security & Compliance Compensation Survey report can help with these challenges by providing verifiable data that can be incorporated into compensation planning to help justify salary expenditures.

Survey job families include:

  • Classified Security Projects
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Console Operator
  • Computer & Info Security
  • Domestic Security
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Executive Protection
  • Global Compliance & Ethics
  • Global Security
  • International Security
  • Network Security
  • Nuclear Accountability
  • Nuclear Materials
  • Physical Security-Unarmed
  • Protective Forces-Armed
  • Regional/Business Unit Security
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Security Clearance
  • Security Programs
  • Security Systems & Training

Although the Council has no commercial interest in this project we strongly support it because of the significant impact it has on the security industry. To sign up and participate, please go to the Foushée Group’s web page at www.fousheesurvey.com and complete the participation order form and view additional information.

For additional information, please click here to view the e-brochure.

  • Model: SEC507-FSS11
  • Manufactured by: The Security Executive Council

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