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SEC506-LDSS11 Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound

Workplace Violence Prevention Training A Solution from Learning Dynamics Available in E-learning, classroom or blended learning formats. Generic and customized versions are available.  Pricing...

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CCG002-CTP08 C-TPAT Supply Chain Security

C-TPAT Supply Chain Security

A video for companies that have joined the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism; this program educates employees about key principles of supply chain security. C-TPAT provides discernible...

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ATT001-CLC08 Cutting the Lifeline of the Community

Cutting the Lifeline of the Community

A Security Executive Council member created contribution from AT&T Asset Protection; complimentary plus shipping and handling. Copper theft is a security problem for many major industries. Most do...

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CCG001-SS08 Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

This award-winning video has been viewed by more than one million employees of leading organizations around the world. Risk awareness programs are necessary for all companies of every size that have...

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CCG002-FF08 Workplace Flu Fighters

Workplace Flu Fighters

Seasonal flu causes thousands of hours of lost productivity every year; health experts warn that a pandemic flu outbreak is likely in the near future. As the risks of flu grow, employers need to help...

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