Leadership Solutions

Managing Director, Head of Corporate Security


BNP Paribas


New York. NY


Candidate Success Factors:

Candidates will be measured on the following four performance drivers, which will dictate how individual impact is considered on the Americas platform:

  • Results and Impact
  • Leadership and Collaboration
  • Client, Customer and Stakeholder Focus
  • Compliance Culture and Conduct

  • Assessing risks and implementing the appropriate practices to ensure the security and safety of employees, business operations, critical infrastructure and bank property.
  • Oversee and direct the fire safety team, by conducting drills and adhering to city fire codes.
  • Coordinating with various building management firms to ensure employee safety in NY and outside regional branches.
  • Conduct investigations of theft and or other security related incidents directed at the firm.
  • Manage the mail screening process in the mailrooms in NY and JC, including training of mailroom staff and escalations procedures.
  • Conduct trainings for the security staff and fire safety teams.
  • Ensure that the confidential shredding program is managed in a secure and professional manner.
  • Ensure the safety of employees traveling through travel security program.
  • Manage high-risk travel to countries on the Group security watch list.
  • SME in security related processes in the TPRMO program, for vendor compliance.
  • Validator for vendor attestations in vendor management program
  • Ensure that the security (SOP) procedures are updated with current best practices.

Please see complete job description online.


Minimum Required Qualifications

  • Minimum of 10 years specialized law enforcement, and or military and with at least 5 years of executive protection (EP) experience in these organizations
  • 5 - 10 years corporate security management experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent preferred
  • Requires strong relationships with law enforcement personnel at the local and federal level. Preference will be given to candidates that maintain strong ties to the NYC local law enforcement and emergency management community
  • Experience will multinational corporate security preferred
  • Management/Supervision experience of both full time employees as well as contract and outsourced security guard staff
  • Familiarity with security systems including access control, video monitoring, identification/biometric systems, surveillance systems
  • Solid communication and presentation skill
  • Possesses EP training and experience in the following specialties: team member, detail leader, primary and secondary vehicle driver (including armored vehicles), medical (First Aid, CPR, AED), protective intelligence
  • Experience managing security details in domestic and international locations
  • Operational understanding and fluent usage of today’s technology tools across all platforms (PC, tablet, smartphone-smartwatch, radio, satellite, tracking device, etc.)
  • Possess a current valid passport and driver’s license Can work nights and weekends as required and at times work uninterrupted with a 24/7 availability during protective and or investigative tasks
  • Demonstrate professional and relevant experience in physical security management, risk assessment, and mitigation measures

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Prior Law enforcement Strong interpersonal skills, tenacity and proven ability to drive results in a complex environment and at different hierarchical levels
  • Promotes collaboration and exhibits a strong commitment to team success
  • Ability to:
    • Communicate effectively across all levels of the organization
    • Adapt quickly and work successfully with stakeholders of diverse backgrounds to include differing geographies and cultures
    • Liaise with internal security and business groups to ensure compliance with Visa policies, internal and external regulatory requirements, government regulations, and security best practices
  • Fluency in English required and additional language skills helpful
  • Familiarity with facility security, processes and environment as well as standard corporate procedures to ensure compliance with policy

How to Apply:

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