What is the Most Important Concept You Need to Communicate to Management?

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Created by the Security Executive Council

The most effective security leaders are considered trusted advisors by their executive management. Being a trusted advisor hinges on building robust, constructive relationships. Building a strong relationship with executive management begins with telling security's story in a way that demonstrates your unique knowledge of risks to your organization as well as your vision to mitigate those risks to assist in the stability and growth of the business.

This Security Barometer quick poll, conducted in 2016, took a look at what practitioners are communicating to management and the outcome of those discussions.

Security Barometer results chart – most important concept

A strategic security leader should be prepared to tell security's story whenever needed. What gets communicated changes depending on the circumstances, audience, and corporate culture. The results suggest that once senior management truly understands what security does and its value to the organization, it paves the way for a better partnership.

Security Barometer results chart – most successful presentation

The poll question shown above delved into the results of presentations to executive management. Presentations should always be designed to achieve an objective. Even if you were tasked just to introduce yourself or your program, the presentation can plant a seed for future discussion.

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Have you created truly influential communication vehicles? The Security Executive Council excels at identifying what resonates with executive management. Our proven successful experience at the highest levels of security leadership sets us apart from other research and advisory firms. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you advance your program and career.

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