Which is the Most Popular Business Continuity Standard?

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Created by the Security Executive Council

In this Security Barometer quick poll, conducted in 2014, we wanted to find out what business continuity standards security leaders were using when developing their programs. As shown below, ISO 22301 was chosen more often by the respondents of the poll. Surprisingly, however, 30% stated that they do not benchmark their business continuity program against a standard.

chart showing results of poll on business continuity standards

We surmised that the location(s) in which an organization does business would influence the standards it follows. While this is true to some extent, ISO 22301 was preferred by those operating exclusively within the U.S.A. as well as those operating globally or exclusively outside the U.S.

The "Other" category included write-in votes for other business continuity-related standards, the most popular being CSA Z1600, HB 221/292, and NIST 800-53.

The Security Executive Council has a number of resources that may be helpful to your business continuity program that can be found in our Insight on Resilience

We also have staff and faculty with extensive knowledge and skills in the area of business continuity and disaster recovery. Contact us to discuss your specific business continuity needs.

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