SEC COVID Resources: 2020-2021

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From the very beginning of the COVID‐19 crisis, Security Executive Council staff and faculty worked to provide actionable guidance, information sharing, corporate security-specific research, relevant strategic insight, and access to tools to help security leaders protect people and assets in the unprecedented new global risk environment.

Early in 2020, the SEC created a special COVID‐19 landing page on that linked to all these new resources for easy access from the security community. Now, we’ve compiled them into two downloadable resources: COVID‐19 Resources and COVID‐19 Decision Insights.

COVID‐19 Resources, which you can download below, includes pandemic‐related security checklists, visuals, research results, slide decks, guidance documents, and collective knowledge.

COVID‐19 Decision Insights is a collection of short articles created by SEC faculty to address questions they heard from security leaders every day through the height of the crisis.

While the resources in these compilations were created to apply a specific pandemic event, their message is ever relevant: corporate security leaders have the crisis management experience, 24x7 presence, and tools to help lead their organizations with agility through uncertain times. And it’s those moments between crises when corporate security must be diligent in using its resources to improve cross‐functional teams and creative solution‐building to prepare for the next round of the unexpected.

The Security Executive Council stands ever‐ready to help its clients and the security community as a whole weather the crises to come. For more information, contact us or visit today.
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