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CSO Perspectives on Data Protection and Privacy

September 23, 2019 - September 23, 2019

San Francisco, CA

Whether they planned it or not, today’s enterprises have rapidly assumed legal and ethical responsibility for vast information stores. In a perfect world, customer data, employee records, intellectual property and trade secrets – among other assets -- would be governed and protected by airtight policies, technologies and procedures. But the world isn’t perfect, and in the evolution of business and crime, all of this data is now under constant attack by malicious entrepreneurs intent upon theft. Making matters worse, today’s organizations find themselves willing custodians of an increasingly digitized business where the organization becomes a larger bullseye as each day passes.
How does the modern organization protect data in an increasingly digital marketplace? With privacy concerns escalating at the rate that companies acquire customer data, what are the best strategies to protect the organization from theft and liability? As partners and providers become connected to the organization’s technology ecosystem, how can they be held accountable for protecting your organization? And what are other organizations doing to create successful data protection and privacy policies?
The answers are at CSO's Seminar on "Data Protection & Privacy."

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