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Tier 1 Leader

Are you a security executive looking for a holistic way to produce strategic corporate security programs and drive change in your organization? The Tier 1 Leader option was formed for security practitioners that want a different kind of advisory engagement. These leaders are interested in being involved at an industry changing-level.

Our professional staff and community of subject matter experts collaborate with practitioners at a leadership level to implement change and create optimized security programs for their company, industry or sector. Tier 1 Leaders have access to insight with those that have successfully done what they are planning. They benefit from dedicated time with subject matter experts, high-level networking opportunities, entre to cutting-edge Security Executive Council (SEC) initiatives and access to a large repository of time-tested resources.

The Tier 1 community is a collective of leading security practitioners, industry innovators and thought leaders. Become a part of this unique opportunity today. To learn more contact us at +1 202.730.9971, contact@secleader.com, or fill out our information inquiry form (we will never share your information with any 3rd party).

A Unique Vision

Tier 1 Leader status provides:

  • A solution orientation
  • Access to former leading security executives
  • Security solutions relative to your strategic vision and your organization's corporate culture
  • Security trend analysis and research
  • Unlimited access to the Security Knowledge Base of proven tools and solutions
  • Preferential pricing on other SEC services and resources


The following is a sample of areas of expertise:
  • Security measures and metrics including KPIs
  • Security strategic planning and program implementation
  • Communication plans that influence senior management
  • Security program assessments and reviews
  • Strategic presentations for senior management
  • Corporate security program frameworks
  • Security documentation (e.g., policies and guidelines)
  • Custom security research, benchmarks and industry reports
  • Security regulation and compliance management

How We Have Worked with Tier 1 Leaders

Examples of projects:
  • Security plans and implementation
  • Aligning security programs with business goals
  • Optimizing security programs
  • Developing strategic security staff
  • Moving to a risk-based security program
  • Developing a corporate security metrics program
  • Defining and communicating corporate security as a center of operational excellence
  • Security threat and risk assessments
  • Security related research and benchmarks
  • Policy and guidelines templates
  • Defining emerging issues
  • Discovering and effectively complying to regulations with security requirements

Contact Us:
Contact us to find out more about Tier 1 Leader options contact us at +1 202.730.9971 or contact@secleader.com. You may also submit a request through the information inquiry form.

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