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Security Leadership Research Institute

The Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI) is dedicated to providing independent and actionable research to the corporate security community. The SLRI was formed as a result of the need by the security industry to document the entire spectrum of risk management and security through research. If you need to benchmark your security programs, you need to become involved. There is no cost to participants.

Currently Open Benchmarks:

Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing Benchmark
The second edition of our landmark benchmark covers security program costs, program ownership, reporting structures and more.

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Security Maturity Assessments
If you want a quick way to assess your programs' maturity level the SLRI has created an abbreviated format of its corporate security maturity assessment.

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Learn More:
Finding Value in Security Benchmarking: A Current State of Comparison Research in the Security Industry
Read our executive summary on the pros and cons of benchmarking.

What Does the SLRI Do?

  • Conducts security related research and metrics.
  • Research by practitioners for practitioners.
  • Industry validation of research findings.
  • Emerging trend reports and quick polls.

Real Solutions

  • Practitioner based research reports and benchmarks.
  • Research and analyses conducted by experienced research professionals.
  • Immediate quick poll results for snapshots of issues.
  • Opportunities to participate in select Tier 1 Leader initiatives.
  • Custom research opportunities.

Examples of Projects:

Who Can Participate?

  • Practitioners in charge of security programs; practitioners can be from any facet of security (corporate, information, compliance, risk).
  • Practitioners from publicly traded companies, private companies, non-profits and government agencies.

Download the SLRI brochure to learn more.

Contact us at: contact@secleader.com.