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Security 2020

Security 2020™ is a strategic course correction undertaking for risk mitigation efforts that have fallen short since 2001. This initiative intends to produce persuasive risk and security improvements with demonstrable solutions and accomplished inter-generational leadership. The initiative consists of three main programs:

  • Enterprise of the Future™
    Innovation around reducing risks, protecting people and addressing incidents in a way that adds profitability to the corporation
  • Store of the Future™
    The next generation of retail to protect employees, streamline operations and mitigate all business risks
  • Next Generation Security Leader
    What needs to be understood to meet goals and objectives for next generation success? Learn more about this program here. Read the blog, Next Generation Security Leader Program: Inside View for some highlights of the inaugural program.

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For information on how you can become involved, contact us at: contact@secleader.com.